Take control of your life and make a meaningful contribution


  • Are an expat spouse (trailer spouse)
  • Are unhappy with life; you feel like life is leading you.
  • Have a sense of frustration.
  • Have the sense of not belonging.
  • Have the sense of identity loss.
  • Suffer home sickness.
  • Wish for a rebirth; a new start.
  • Feel lonely.

Then expat life coaching could be just the thing for you.


The results of the coaching program

  • You regain control over your life
  • You start making a meaningful contribution.
  • You feel confident.
  • You experience peace of mind.

For whom is expat coaching?

You are in a foreign country. You might feel homesick or undervalued. You are not feeling happy in general or just want to maximize your potential in this foreign environment. Some of the challenges my clients deal with:

Personal leadership for expat spouses

You are smart, intelligent, and you came to another country for your spouse. You left your career, friends, and family behind. You only know a few people in this new country.
You are not using your talents and you feel undervalued. This might also put tension on your relationship. You feel like life is living you.

You want to take control of your life again. How would it be if you could use your talents and make a meaningful contribution? How would it be to be seen again and feel confident again?

Starting over after a divorce

You got divorced and now you are on your own in a foreign country. I support you to accept your current situation and assist you in developing the skills to create the life you want. I am not a shoulder-to-cry-on coach. My goal is for you to get helpful insights to get you back on track.

My goal for you is that you become confident that you can change things in your life.

How does expat coaching work?

A coaching program is always tailor made to your needs. However, some general outlines i can mention:

A session normally takes 1.5 hours. You get to choose the frequency; whatever works best for you. In my experience, it’s best to plan a session every week or every other week. Otherwise you might lose momentum. Many things will happen between the sessions so that makes it harder to keep the focus.

The sessions can take place online or face-to-face. Online possibilities are phone, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp call, etc., provided that you have a fast and stable internet connection. If you want to meet face-to-face we will meet in a professional coaching location in The Hague, or we’ll walk through the forest or dunes. In exceptional cases i can come to you. Reach out to me to talk about the possibilities.

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Abhinash Dewnarain

"I genuinely recommend Eelco as a coach: He is positive, calm, open, experienced and sincerely interested in you. He puts you in the center by focusing on your most important questions and challenges. He achieves this by asking the right questions at the right time which triggers thoughts and answers. By positively nudging you to think (further) on questions and assignments, he is able to identify elements which are returning in different answers and thoughts. By being good and able to look at this from a distance, he identifies these elements, connects it with each other and gives you insights into yourself. He is able to help you to discover who you are, what your most important values are and with that pointing you in the direction where you (might) want to take the next step."

- Abhinash Dewnarain, RA MSc

Kinza Khan

"I highly recommend Eelco as a great Life Coach. Eelco's positive approach, patience and commitment to his client's needs is commendable! I definitely enjoyed our sessions on mindset shift and regaining self confidence. Eelco offered to help me at a time when I had almost given up on my dream to build an independent life for myself here in The Netherlands. His well thought-out plan of action kept me on track and focused on my life goals. His sincerity and good intentions will definitely help him be successful. I have no doubt Eelco will continue to make a positive impact on many lives! I wish Eelco all the best for his future endeavours."

- Kinza Khan

Tobias L.

"I started working with Eelco to overcome a mix of personal and work-related hurdles. He approached my problems by helping me to structure and dissect the issues, then taught a range of theories and techniques which I can apply during the day. So it was a good mix of learning something new, application, and talks on personal level. We tackled my self esteem and assertiveness, stress management, but also family-related topics.

Today, I am feeling more confident to approach both private life as well as work life and I am using the tools that we have elaborated together on a daily basis. Coaching is a personal matter, I always felt that I could be completely open to him, and also having him as an accountability buddy along the journey was great!"

- Tobias Langener